Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth

Christmas at Disneyland. Does it get any better? Hint-the answer is no. If you thought any typical day at Disney was worthwhile, they sure outdo themselves during the Holiday season! Besides Halloween, going to Disneyland is one of the most fun experiences ever. Although the crowds are at their peak, it’s worth going.

A major difference from any other time you go to the resort, is that the park gets a giant makeover.  In the center of Main Street they display a 60-foot Christmas tree. Such a picture perfect spot too! A lot of the stores and rides are all decorated with garland, lights, ornaments, and snow making the spirit bright wherever you walk in the park.



If you only have one day at Disneyland

Visiting the Disneyland Resort is the ideal day trip for anyone-if you know what you’re doing that is. Disney has lots to offer, so with a little help, you’ll be able to have the most magical experience yet! Consider this your personal tour guide for the perfect day trip to Disneyland.

Arrive Early

The sooner you arrive, the shorter the lines will be. Make sure to check the online calendar for Disney opening times. They can open as early as 8am so get a good nights sleep if you can. A reminder that parking, taking the tram to the park, and going through security can take up to 30 minutes so plan accordingly.

Buy Your Tickets Beforehand

A one day ticket to Disneyland is $99 (yikes!) but it’s definitely worth it. There aren’t any discount coupon codes you can use unless you are Southern California resident. You can purchase tickets on their website or grocery stores around Southern California. For example, Ralphs or Vons. It is important to purchase them before you get to the park because you can spend up to an hour waiting in line. Waste that hour waiting in a line for a ride at least! But this brings me to my next point which is…

Learn The FastPass System

The FastPass program is your best friend on your day trip to Disney. Fastpasses are essentially a “skip the line” ticket. They are complimentary and can be obtained every two hours until the park closes or until a ride runs out of them. In my opinion, Space Mountain runs out the quickest so get Fastpasses asap! Following that would be Indiana Jones and the Haunted Mansion, especially if it’s around Halloween.

 Find Instagram Worthy Spots

Of course everyone wants to be in the moment and enjoy it but you also need to capture the memories. And in today’s world, if you didn’t Instagram it, were you even there? Here are some picture worthy spots.




This location is in California Adventure but it’s a great depiction of Disney. Everyone will know where you are at with the Mickey in the background. No caption needed. 😉


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. An iconic symbol for the Disneyland Resort. The castle looks just if not even more beautiful at night as well.

Stay Until Close

If you don’t live in the area and have a long drive then it might be tempting to want to head home early. But think twice! You only get so many hours in the park so make the most of it. Disneyland now offers the nighttime Electrical Parade for a limited time only. The park also has the most incredible firework show that you don’t want to miss. It’s the most perfect ending to an unforgettable day.


It tastes better if it’s Mickey shaped

Let’s face it, we all know Disneyland has some ridiculously priced food items, but where else do you have the opportunity to buy food that’s Mickey shaped? That alone can make it so worth it! And let’s not forget that Disney does have some pretty tasty items. Here’s some fun and tasty Mickey shaped treats that are a must try!



Mickey Pretzel
You can find these on pretty much and snack cart around the park. They are perfect if you’re craving something salty and taste even better dipped in cheese!


Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar
Went it’s a hot sunny day in Southern California, what better way to cool down than with some ice cream! Mickey ice cream bars are found on several carts around the resort and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.



Mickey Rice Krispy Treat

Found at the bakery on Main Street USA, this is the perfect snack to grab as you sit on the curb and wait for the parade to start. They have m&m, chocolate dipped, and pretzel & caramel. Plus they make for such cute pictures!

 IMG_1462.PNG Mickey Waffles

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these waffles are the most important food of life! You can find these at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. These meals are usually accompanied by, a character breakfast and a buffet—two elements that add a level of unmatched magic to the waffle experience